Countries of the World


In order to put in life my plan – to read a book from each and every country of the world, I need to know the countries of the world. Seems very straightforward, but it really is not.

According to the U.S.Department of State, there are 195 Independent States in the World.

The United Nations member States list includes 193 countries.

What happened to whole two countries?

Kosovo,and Holy See (the long-form name of the Vatican City) are not members of the United Nations, and are not included in the list.

What a relief! They are not lost!

Alas,my problem does not end there.

Scotland, England, Northern Ireland are not counted as separate countries, but I would not ever dream about reading only one book for the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Books from dependencies and areas of special sovereignty will have to wait a bit…

I am sure I will want to read a book from a country that does not exist on the map- the USSR.

The number of books is not as important as what I will learn about the world while reading them.